15 years of experience manufaturing medical and portable Suctions used in hospitals

Skin Care and Beauty

Skin care and rejuvenation with Fapsco's Micropigmentation and Microneedling, manufatured according to the international standards

Vaccum Therapy System

Fapsco Vacuum Tehrapy devices provide a new and effective therapy for type 1 / 2 / 3 wounds certified by Food and Drug Administration.

We focus on quality

and we believe we've keeped up with this principle

About Us

Fanavar Pouya Sepahan Company with Fapsco brand has more than 15 years of reputation in manufaturing medical , skin care and beauty devices as well as Vacuum Therapy systems and measuring electronics. After years of research and hard work, with the help of God, and by making use of the latest technology and the knowledge of some of the best engineers, now we are honored to be the only certified Company by the Ministry of Health and IFDA to manufature Vacuum Therapy devices and Suctions as well as Microderm abrasion, micropigmentation and microneedling devices, and their accessories in order to fullfil the needs of the health system.

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