Wound Vacuum Therapy


Scar Imaging

Scar imaging plays a key role in evaluating the scar treatment process. One feature of this device is the smart measurement of the scar’s dimensions.


Reduced Costs

Besides cost optimization, IOT has succeeded to reduce the patient’s costs by presenting some strategies effective that are effective for both handling the final challenges of treatment and providing more flexibility in servicing.


Wound Cleansing

Wound cleansing brings in some advantages such as maintaining the moisture of the scar bed, facilitating the debridement procedure and accelerating the wound healing process. This capability is totally smart, being controllable in context of Internet.
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Kit and Reservoir with Specific Code

Every wound dressing and reservoir is assigned a peculiar code number usable for three days from its activation date. This feature minimizes the possibility of misusing the wound dressing kits.


System of Supervision on the Patient

One of the unique features of this device is the capability of remote checking of the treatment process without any need to the presence of the physician.


Database for different types of wound

This device is capable of storing different images taken from the wound which can be helpful for the scientific examination of different wounds and compilation of scientific articles.
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Intelligent Touch of the Treatment Process

Control Application


Positioning of the device and patient on the map and routing


Setting of all the device’s parameters


Remote error modification of the device and remote control over the treatment process

Remote activation of the machine and washing of the wounds.

Patient History
Errors & Alarms

FAPSCO Wound Vacuum Therapy Machine has the capability of storing the patient history and errors and alarms of the device which can better assist the therapist in the treatment process.

Dynamic Principal Components Analysis

This mode is the evolved version of intermittent mode. In this mode, the pump exerts a number of fixed cycles of negative pressure on the wound bed and maintains the pressure at minimum -25 mmHg so as to minimize the risk of leakage and accumulation of exudate in the wound bed. Due to the reduced contraction and expansion of the foam, the patient will feel no pain.